ActiveCampaign Useful Automations Using Deep Data Integrations 2017

ActiveCampaign has released Deep Data Integrations throughout the last year. They have done so with BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. This provides you with customer insight that you can use to personalize your marketing efforts. You can create segments that are based on various factors, such as products that were purchased and customer lifetime value. You can also do this based on last product ordered. Furthermore, you can create segments based on total products ordered, order times, dates and much more. ActiveCampaign is giving people automation workflows, which can help you generate more repeat sales, attract more customers and gain more…
 - 09/01/2017

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategy For 2017

At face value, e-commerce sites aren’t the most attractive. That’s because they serve a more practical purpose. Users don’t visit an e-commerce store to be entertained. They use them to shop, which is why e-commerce site owners need to have a strong email marketing strategy. There’s great value in building up an email list for any business, especially those based online, but they are only effective when used right. While it’s a tactic that can bring in the most rewards, it’s also a tactic you need to approach with caution.
 - 08/24/2017

My Clients Switched to ActiveCampaign and You Should Too

Most of the clients consulting with me always ask what is the best email marketing software should they use for their email campaign. I only have one answer: go for ActiveCampaign. Why? — I consider features, pricing and integrations. Check out the free 14-Day trial offered by ActiveCampaign, see its dashboard and check the things I discussed in this post, feel free to sign up in this link.
 - 07/23/2017