My Clients Switched to ActiveCampaign and You Should Too

Most of the clients consulting with me always ask what is the best email marketing software should they use for their email campaign. I only have one answer: go for ActiveCampaign. Why? — I consider features, pricing and integrations.

Check out the free 14-Day trial offered by ActiveCampaign, see its dashboard and check the things I discussed in this post, feel free to sign up in this link.

Businesses around the world rely on ActiveCampaign, which is a marketing platform. It features a number of tools that are designed to help businesses acquire customers, as well as retail and engage them. You can use this tool to acquire new contacts to keeping tabs on post-sale processes and much more. ActiveCampaign is extremely useful and can help out your business regardless of what stage your business is at.

This web-based platform is far more than a tool that has excellent email and messaging capabilities. It is far superior to its competitors because the tool combines email/messaging features to an extensive marketing automation platform, as well as with sales automation features and built-in CRM features. ActiveCampaign lets businesses track behavior via multiple marketing channels, as well as create special marketing processes to name just a few. The bottom line is this tool is a must-have for all business owners.

ActiveCampaign is compatible with over 100 apps and services. This includes CMS applications, accounting and analytics. It also includes services that focus on lead generation, sales and support.

Eight features you need for your email marketing

Site Tracking

This feature allows you to track your contact’s behavior, which allows you to create a marketing plan that is catered to them. You can find out what they are doing on your site and what pages they are viewing. ActiveCampaign will attach the viewing history to their record, which means you’ll have a clear idea of what they did on your site and what they didn’t do on your site.

The above type of data is not only useful, but it’s actionable because you can then segment your contacts. For example, you can create a list of leads who showed interest in pricing info. Another thing you can do is send out an email to contacts that have viewed a specific product, and you can offer them the chance to try out the product for free. Doing this can help increase engagement and improve your sales.

Conditional Content

This feature lets you alter your content based on the contact that is reading it. For example, you can choose to show only certain blocks of text in an email a contact based on what pages of your site they viewed. If you are planning to tell your contacts about an upcoming sale, then this feature can be used to email them out a display of products that they viewed at some point. For instance, if contacts have view specific types of clothing, then you can include photos of those clothing pieces in your email you send to them.

Event Tracking

You can create a personalized marketing campaign by using the Event Tracking feature. You can use this feature to notify ActiveCampaign when a user takes action on your site. This action can come in the form of making a transaction or log into your site, and then you can have ActiveCampaign immediately send out a follow up campaign.

API That’s Easy To Use

The API is so easy to use, and ActiveCampaign has received many compliments about it. What this means for you is you can easily integrate ActiveCampaign with apps you are currently using. When the time comes, you can easily extend its capabilities. Figuring out how to use ActiveCampaign’s API is extremely easy.

Automation Builder

The automation builder is a tool that’s easy to use, as it is a drag-and-drop tool. You can use it to create automations, and you don’t need a lot of training to do it. Powerful automations are easy to create with this automation tool, unlike other tools that are confusing to use, or ones that don’t actually have a lot of features.

Email Split Testing

The split testing feature lets you test different information, email body content and subject lines. By performing split tests, you’ll know what is working with what audience and what isn’t working. You can send out one version to one set of contacts and another version to a different set of contacts. Once you do this, you wait and see which email marketing campaign is working the best and then you can stick with that one and scrap the one that didn’t do as good.

Sales CRM

One of the best things about the automation tools you receive with ActiveCampaign is they extend to CRM. This is why you’ll notice such a smooth transition from marketing into sales. You’ll be able to leverage the automation tools during the marketing phase of your campaigns and then you can use them during the sales process.

Lead Scoring

This tool lets you create lead scores so you can prioritize your leads based on the criteria that is most important to you and your company. The lead scores will help you distribute leads to your sales team in a more effective way. For example, you can send leads to your sales team only when the leads reach the minimum score.

ActiveCampaign can solve many problems. The chances are it can solve your too. Here are three examples of some of the problems it can take care of.

Three reasons to choose ActiveCampaign

1. Email Marketing Lacks Engagement And It Has Low Deliverability

You can’t repeatedly send the same email to your list of contacts because ISPs use algorithms to filter out spam. Engagement is closely monitored by these algorithms. If nobody opens your emails and if nobody interacts with them, then expect deliverability to be affected in a bad way.

However, you can take advantage of advanced segmentation to send out emails to contacts who will most likely show interest in your emails, while excluding contacts that probably won’t show interest. This will keep both engagement levels and deliverability high. When your contacts see emails from you, they’ll be more than likely to open them because they are relevant. You can segment your email list based on custom fields they created, demographics, as well as their page view history, purchase history and other fields that are associated with your contacts’ records.

You can use ActiveCampaign to send out messages based on your contacts’ behavior. An email or text can be sent automatically after your contact has performed an action. This means you can quickly and efficiently create a personalized experience for each and every one of your contacts.

2. You Want To get More Revenue By Increasing Your Conversion Rate

You need to get the most from your existing traffic, but how do you do that? It’s easy with ActiveCampaign. You have all the tools you need, such as marketing automation, email marketing and CRM tools.

Simply use the form builder to create a lead capturing system. The email marketing tools effortlessly allows you to follow up with your leads, while the marketing automation tools lets you create a marketing strategy that responds to your contacts and adapts to them. With all the automation this tool does, you can focus on running your business, website and/or other important tasks.

3. Your Sales And Marketing Processes Are Not Connected

Do you want to manage your leads trough all of the stages of the customer’s lifecycle? You can with ActiveCampaign. You will love how smooth the transition is between sales and marketing, as well as how contact data is shared. ActiveCampaign provides you with a truly united platform to make your sales and marketing processes come together.

You can easily follow up with a lead via automated email, as well as text messaging. The tool lets you track their engagement and then you can distribute a lead to your sales team, when you feel it is the right time. You can let your sales team know that you want them to conduct a follow up with the lead, and then they can work on closing the sale. After this happens, you can follow up with the lead and encourage them to recommend people they know to do business with you.

The tool allows you to take the sales process and completely customize it. The drag-and-drop features makes everything easy to do, and as you capture leads you will be able to track email communication with them. Your sales team will see how the potential customer has interacted with your marketing emails and materials. This allows your sales team to gain insight into your leads’ interests.

Personalize marketing can be used to create a sales process that is automated and more efficient. For example, you can use the Site Tracking feature. This feature lets you track the behavior of your leads. Your salespeople will know whether or not your leads have visited the link/links that you sent them.

Your sales team can use ActiveCampaign to find out what the quality of leads are like, and this is thanks to the lead scoring tool available for you to use. You’ll be able to focus on creating leads that meet specific criteria. The end result is your company will receive feedback you can actually take action on.

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