ActiveCampaign Useful Automations Using Deep Data Integrations 2017

ActiveCampaign has released Deep Data Integrations throughout the last year. They have done so with BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce. This provides you with customer insight that you can use to personalize your marketing efforts.

You can create segments that are based on various factors, such as products that were purchased and customer lifetime value. You can also do this based on last product ordered. Furthermore, you can create segments based on total products ordered, order times, dates and much more.

ActiveCampaign is giving people automation workflows, which can help you generate more repeat sales, attract more customers and gain more insight. All of these things can help you make your online store better. All of these automations are compatible with BigCommerce, Shopify and WooCommerce.

After Purchase, Gather Feedback

You can address any concerns a customer may have if you ask them to provide you with feedback. You might learn that there is something that has annoyed a customer during the process of checking out, or you might find issues in regards to shipping times. You might learn insight that can help you learn even more about your new customers.

When you have unhappy customers, you can use the feedback they give you to improve your business. Happy customers will provide you with testimonials you can use too. You can create more effective marketing campaigns with positive feedback, as well as with negative feedback.

This automation sends out a campaign a week after the purchase was made. It asks the customer for feedback. However, you can change it to send out the campaign at a specific time.

Post-Purchase Followup

You can followup with customers automatically after they have purchased your product. This can help you with customer retention because they will feel that you value them as a customer. You can also let the customer know about any resources that they can take advantage of, such as support channels or documents.

You can also provide customers with tips on getting started or you can send them suggestions to help them out. This automation is triggered when a customer makes a purchase. Once it is triggered, a series of messages are sent out. You can add any kind of message you want or you can use one of the suggested topics.

Last Purchase Date Can Be Stored

You can store the date of last purchase, which you can use to trigger automations that are based on when the customer last made a purchase. The automation will then remind a customer that they can make another purchase. There is an “advanced” feature that allows you to store dates of specific products.

Remind To Repurchase A Consumable

Do you have a product that needs to be replenish because if so, you can use this automation to create a campaign to remind customers it’s time to reorder. You can increase the lifetime value of a customer by using this feature. The automation can be used whether a product is consumable or not.

Reward Customers On The Fifth Purchase

You can reward your customers. This specific automation is triggered when a customer makes their fifth purchase but you can also set the automation to kick in after a certain amount has been spent by the customer. This is a great way to reward customers who spend the most money.

Abandoned Shopping Cart For DDI

Deep Data Integrations, or DDI for short, allows ActiveCampaign to work in a more effective manner. When your virtual shopping cart is visited, then this automation will be triggered and an email will be sent after two days if the customer hasn’t purchased anything. If the customer makes a purchase, then you will know about it and the reminder email will not be sent out.

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