E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategy For 2017

At face value, e-commerce sites aren’t the most attractive. That’s because they serve a more practical purpose. Users don’t visit an e-commerce store to be entertained. They use them to shop, which is why e-commerce site owners need to have a strong email marketing strategy.

There’s great value in building up an email list for any business, especially those based online, but they are only effective when used right. While it’s a tactic that can bring in the most rewards, it’s also a tactic you need to approach with caution.

In light of making the most out of any e-commerce email marketing strategy, here are some things to consider, incorporate and utilize. More specifically, this is building an e-commerce email marketing strategy for beginners.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

There’s nothing complicated about the principles of email marketing. Basically, a company sends out one email to a mass audience, usually with a call to action at the end.

Now, if this is so easy then why is a strategy necessary? Given the onslaught of advertising on the internet over the last few years, people have become more cautious. They don’t open every email they get, and when people bombard them with emails they can’t use or need, they start tagging the company to a spam button.

Even if it’s a practical, straightforward e-commerce site, it doesn’t mean it can’t send anything of value to customers.

Why You Need An Effective Email Strategy?

There is some debate whether it’s more affordable to retain customers, rather than search for new ones. And as far as research goes, retaining customers seems to be the more profitable focus point, because customers keep coming back without the need for constant advertising.

However, the business can’t grow if new customers can’t be found. And that’s what makes a strong e-commerce email strategy so effective because it can be used for existing clients, as well as targeting new clients.

Tips And Considerations For A Good Strategy

Now that the importance and basics of an email marketing strategy are out of the way, it’s time to move on to a few tips and suggestions.

Provide Substance

It’s recommended that when sending out an email to customers, it should always be worth their while. Now, keep in mind that the email doesn’t always have to sell something. Instead, it could be a link to something customers might find interesting.

By doing this, the company ensures that customers will most likely open all email they receive from the company.


A company that sends out an email every day is running the risk of getting spammed. The last thing any e-commerce site wants to do is irritate clients with emails that aren’t relevant to them.

The owner of the site and email list always need to keep timing in mind. Instead of every day, send an email once a week. Get users to look forward to receiving that email.

Refine The Email List

Once a company has possession of an email list, it can use it for refining purposes. In other words, the company will be sending specific emails to specific people, based on info required via surveys.

In order to motivate customers to take the survey, offer a coupon or another type of discount. There’s also the option of giving away something for free after the survey has been done.

The more targeted an email blast can be, the more click-throughs it will get.

Encourage References

An email list really puts a business in a strong position, but it can become so much stronger if more references are given.

Once again, the company can reward customers for sending more clients to the site, and ultimately increase the size of the email list.

Reach Out

Last but not least, a good e-commerce email marketing strategy should involve reaching out to customers on a personal level. As mentioned before, not every email needs to be sales related. And the more customers interact with the company, the more they will support it.

A Final Thought

With an email marketing strategy, you can reach people instantly with the best offers, entertain them, reach out on a personal level and build overall trust. Doesn’t that sound like something you need?

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